Facts are Boring

July 3, 2008 by  
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Today I attended a Web 2.0 media group.

The topic of blogs and whether to write about what you think v. facts came up:

“At my company, I propose we only write facts on our blogs – what we’re working on, what’s in development, etc.”

The spirit of the comment was that opinions can be ‘dangerous’.  “Everybody has them – they don’t really mean much” to roughly paraphrase.

Facts are boring. Much like menu items, they’re necessary, but when leaned upon exclusively for safe content on a blog, it can be dry and hard to pull off in terms of creating a connection.

Tell your story. There is an art to this, but tell your story, your passion, your challenges, your trials and tribulations. Have some fun. Let it hang out there, just a bit. People will connect with authenticity and they’ll be impressed with hearing the truth – truth and facts that have grit, zeal and honesty.

Those are the facts people will come back to see again!

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