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User reviews are the cornerstone of your reputation online. Buzz Online Media is here to help you manage, optimize and engage your user reviews and customers online. We help you track, manage & respond to user reviews in both a public and private forum, to good, bad and indifferent reviews.

“Word of Mouth” – User Reviews – Citysearch, Yelp, Zagat, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc…online reviews are critical to your small to medium size business success, especially in the retail, customer driven and reputation intensive markets associated with restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes, catering companies, clothing stores, chiropractors, health care professionals, boutiques, plumbers, auto mechanics, and stores of any kind that cater to local business with a storefront.

This is where Buzz Online Media comes in. We help you manage and execute on the platforms not only available to you, but currently hosting your reputation online right now: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yelp, Citysearch, Zagat, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Whether it’s a 1 star review or a 5 star, good or bad, we believe in engagement and the reason for this is simple: we think of user reviews as no different than someone standing up in your restaurant or business and giving a public speech on the food, product, service, atmosphere and overall experience with your business, except this speech or comment reaches, in some cases, many thousands of times the number of people over the course of years than one given in person. It’s impact is huge! So our premise is simple – just as you would respond in public, or privately with that individual, we believe in responding online.

Laptop MegaphoneWe believe in engagement and we believe in actively managing and staying on top of your reviews online. Whether its correcting information that is false or simply reaching out and thanking those customers who have expressed their appreciation and love of their experience with your business, responding, managing, & interacting with these user reviews in a variety of manners can lead to a much improved and strong reputation online.

The question comes down to time. You know it’s important, but do you have the time and resources and knowledge to not only launch and execute an online word of mouth strategy, but time to keep it up? This is where we help. Organically and manually, we help you get into what really matters: interaction with your customers.