analytics-trackingMost local businesses do not have any form of third party tracking for their websites or current online marketing campaigns, and those that do, very few actually know how to parse through the data and find what is relevant for sound business decisions.

We help you implement analytic and reporting data about your website, your campaigns online and your overall presence. We use it to not only judge our efficacy with your business online, but as a map to what we should be concentrating on the most. Is Urbanspoon or is Citysearch your largest purveyor of traffic? What other sites refer you a lot of traffic? Which one’s don’t? What part of the city are most of your customers visiting your site from? What keywords are people finding you under? What search engines draw you the most traffic? (hint: Google).

We set up weekly reports with the most relevant information that you can judge current traffic trends against weekly and monthly previous trends to see not only real overall growth, but areas for improvement and focus.