Why Use Us?

search-cleanYour demographics are showing signs of being more cynical in their response to traditional marketing messages and are eager to acquire brand news and information from less traditional sources.

If you’re like most of our clients, you simply don’t have the time or expertise to properly impact your presence online. You need to be free to do things you do best – run your business. From search, analytics, & user reviews, to social media’s new necessities: Twitter, Facebook and “customer engagement online”, it can just be a little too much. Yet, it’s critical to your business – before anything else it’s the first thing you should do in the realm of presence, advertising and awareness because its the only place, aside from your business alone, that people will see you anyway. It’s beyond advertising – it’s answering the phone. People are searching for you and reading about you! If your not in a position to be found, or aren’t paying attention to your constantly evolving reputation online, your increasingly marginalizing your potential not only online, but as a business altogether. It’s that important. Advertising is a luxury in this regard – this is a necessity.


1. Increase Revenue
2. Reduce Cost
3. Improve Customer Loyalty / Satisfaction

What our core concept is…

Premise of buzz online media: by being organic and hands on via manual interaction with your content online via search, profiles, user reviews, social media and all websites hosting your content online, we can far supercede other options available to you online. Mere advertising online is a great adjunct and addition to a fully functional and optimal “online presence” but it’s not the answer in and of itself and it’s not even the first thing you should do. The first thing you should do is to get your hands dirty with your content, interact with customers online, proactively manage social media tools that allow you to track, manage and grow your connection to people online. You have to get your hands manually into managing your content, profiles, user reviews and search results to have any real impact. That’s the bottom line. There are no shortcuts and that is where we come in. We not only know how to do this and where, but we take the factor of time out of the equation by handling it for you with great benefits and tangible, measurable results. Advertising alone online is not designed to fill that role. But do you truly have the time and resources to do what is necessary? This is where we come in. This is something you can’t buy in an ad and it’s something perhaps you and most of your competitors simply don’t have time to do. This is what will set you apart online where 70% of your customers are being influenced month in and month out. This is the critical first step to getting ahead online and getting an advantage online.

We are an all in one solution to your online presence mangement: user reviews, online profles, social media: google, yahoo, msn, yelp, citysearch, zagat, etc…


Consumers are performing nearly two billion locally targeted searches each month, representing over 40% of total monthly Web searches. That number is likely to grow, given that local search is estimated to become a $25 billion dollar industry by 2017.

According to comScore, nearly 90% of people will research online and buy offline. In fact, the trend is so popular that it was recently coined, “ROBO,” (Research Online Buy Offline) by Yahoo’s GM of Local, Frazier Miller at SMX Local & Mobile.

These statistics highlight that accessible, accurate, comprehensive and relevant business listing content on local search engines is fundamental to increasing awareness and conversion for your local business.