Website Updates “One of” “Thee” Most Important Aspects to Ranking Well!

It amazes me how difficult it is to get my clients to make updates to their website at all, let alone on a continual basis.  There’s the whole rigamarole with website access and “webmaster’s” off in India or Cambodia for their yearly 6 month soujourns, or web dev guys just deciding not to get back to you, or…lost id and passwords and millions upon millions of sites floating out there “in” the internet like space junk.  But even when they have access, clients i.e small businesses are just unable, unwilling or not wanting to “get” why it’s important to update content on their website on a regular basis.  Beyond that, even if they do “understand” or nod their head, they’re still unwilling.  NOT ALL!  Not all.  Some do.  And those that do, or those that let me do, rank better.

I’m going to go crazy now updating my clients websites over the next few months – those clients that let me update their sites, either through proxy via their ‘webmaster’ or directly.  Either way, I guarantee…I call as Babe Ruth did in whatever World Series he pointed his bat out to left field and hit a home run – I analogously call a home run here IN COMPARISON to those guys that, with all things equal i.e. link building, profile management, social, etc, that those that update their sites CONSISTENTLY with great content will “wash away” those that don’t.