Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking & MonitoringTracking and Monitoring your business online

How do you track the stats – the efficacy of your “online presence” – for more on that, see “Analytics – Stats – Reporting”.

By “Tracking and Monitoring” we mean: How do you know when someone is talking about your restaurant or business online? How important is it for you to know when user reviews are posted about your business? Do you have the time to track and monitor your local papers online, user reviews, online forums, blogs, etc? How important is it and what are the benefits?

It is extremely important to keep tabs on what is being said about you and your business: managing your reviews appropriately, knowing when blog posts appear regarding your business, properly reacting to online commentary, responding to user reviews and customers in the most time sensitive and effective manner, responding to public posts, and creating and running a blog and social media applications to independently manage this reputation online, etc. There are many tools available to reactively and proactively engage and strengthen your reputation online.

tracking-monitoringWe can help you do this on a daily basis. We not only track and monitor your content online, we optimize it as well.

Optimization of your content online means we use various tools to push “good stories” about you to a wider audience and use tags and various other tools to increase the ability of your content to show up page 1 on Google when people search for your business name. This is a form of online pr and reputation management and it’s increasingly a more important aspect to setting yourself apart from your competitors online.

We keep your content fresh – but we also track it daily and weekly – there is a sense of urgency in responding and being on top of your information. We seek to infuse your business with that as a priority.