Google Plus Not So Much

There are a few things annoying me with Google + and Google in general.  Below is a screen shot of a hopefully well disguised client, who upon review after the transfer from Google “Places” to Google+ is showing the below link on their Google + page:  Is this your business?  Manage this page


This indicates to my clients and to me that in fact the page is not already claimed or being managed.  Annoying.  When you log in to your account, which in itself is a bit of a maze to figure out (log in, search Google for “Google local” and basically finagle your way through the back door) you’ll see that in fact after you get to the page and you click “manage this page” that it takes you directly to your local business center where your listing is in fact being shown as a well managed and very claimed business listing!

It seems things are getting more complicated and more weird over at Google than they were in years past.  In years past, if your page was claimed, it indicated that in fact “this business page has been claimed” or some such language.  It was evident to anyone seeing the page that it was claimed.  If it wasn’t claimed, that was indicated by a mention consistent with the above stating:  ”Own this business?  manage this page”.

Why so complicated Google?