Haven’t Been Here in Awhile

You know, you’re not supposed to write something like that on your “business blog”.  It’s supposed to be “snappy”, “smart” and “business-ee”.  But I’ve been telling my clients for two years to be themselves on their blogs, yet I find it hard to do here myself.  So to that end, I’m back.

It’s finally summer here in Seattle!  I have a lot of work to do, so instead of vacation on my mind, I have work.

If completed, I believe we have the best system to de-leverage our clients from traditional advertising and into a new realm of a solid and healthy presence online – comments responded to, articles and user reviews engaged and ‘optimized’, profiles not only established where most aren’t, but optimized as well.  Additional advertising is great where it works, but the first thing a local business should do is take the bull by the horns and manage and “own” their current state of affairs and presence online with a stern and honest hand.  That’s what we do in the case that you or a client doesn’t have the time and / or expertise.  I say if my mother had a restaurant and I was giving her advice for her online management, this is absolutely the first thing I would do – what Buzz Online Media does – and I still believe that.  It’s absolutely true – 100%.

More thoughts later.